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commentary on workout sheet
In January 2006, I first learned about the Throwing Steel workout from Mike Carville in Grass Valley CA. He had come upon it or created it while working in Portland at Club One. The basic concept is to do repitions UNTIL FAILURE for five sets on five different body parts. Of course, we wanted to be competitive, or challenged, so we kept track of total weight lifted. I thought I'd have a chance of "winning" if we divided by out body weight. That didn't work out for me either.
 We learned the power of repititions over the amount of weight lifted pretty quickly. It became obvious that lifting 100 lbs forty times gave you a more "weight lifted, then someone "being strong" lifting 150 lbs only 25 times. It comes with a price, and that is looking at the discipline it takes to sit down on the machine and bang off 50, 80, or often over 100 reps. - It works you, especially if you are going UNTIL FAILURE on the last repetition.
some results of previous Throwing Steel challenges.
January 2006 Grass Valley
February 2006 Grass Valley
May 18th Concord
May 23rd Berkeley
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