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Average fitness tests, a list of tests you can take to compare yourself to the "average"?
Army physical fitness test, Can you cut it? Hans scored "excellent".
Active Release Technique, Injury rehab method, ask for Liesbet
Bickett if in Nor Cal.
BirthDay Challenge perhaps we don't say enough about this site?
Boot Camp in Contra costa county.
Calculator for different distances ran./run.
Calories burned at various exercises.
Climbing gyms. Bay Area and Sacramento
Climbing training, Eric Horst
Climbing training concepts.
Cytomax, You can not find a better sports drink.
Diet ideas, but we recommend: eat correctly, (which means LESS for most people) and exercise more.
Endurance training, this cat knows his stuff.
Food see what's in it.
Golfing, performance golf no less, why be mediocre?
Health Club directory. find a club near you, NOT all clubs are listed.
Isometric Training.
Jack Lalanne! The Fitness King.
Kick boxing!
LaLane, Jack
LIFETIME of fitness
Lover - looking for one who is committed to FTINESS!
Massage by Brian Cork.
Monster gyms, cool gym concept, currently only in the foothills west of Tahoe. , all about folks ripping it up in the mountains.
Nutrition information plug in what you're eating, - see what's in it.
Nutrition from the Government.( food pyramid etc)
Old folks being fit! Geezer jocks doing incredible stuff!
Plyometrics1, Plyometrics2, Plyometrics3
Questions and Answers about Fitness: fitfaq  military Yoga
Rankings, - takes you back to our ranking page that has links to many individual sport's own ranking pages.
Rehabilitate injuries, - exceptionally talented and experienced ATC, knowledge and care can't be beat.
Resole your climbing shoes. Marmot Mountain Works.
Singles looking for other fit people.
Sun, Get some and protect yourself from it.
Supplements, a list of many supplements with consumer comments on most.
Train smarter
videos of various sports
Vertvideo, video of climbing stuff
World Anti-Doping Agency
Whole Being Health
Wyoming(near Jackson) place to work out HARD! Mountain Athlete.
Xrays effect on your health or fitness, what else are we going to put under X?
Yosemite, Best place in the world to get fit!
Zoo listings, Heck I don't know, it's a nice workout to walk around a zoo!

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