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100 in 100
Pick an exercise and do 100 repetitions of it for 100 days. Sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, free throws, burpees, summer-saults, jumping-jacks, YOU name it.
NAME / exercises DATE started /
and or comments
Hans Florine / pull-ups, JJs & sit-ups January 24th 2005 / restarted five times since July22nd. completed one year and only missed six days. (36,500 sit-ups done in a year) now on year 5 of 100 abs a day, average. 46
Jim Cope / sit-ups, JJ August 10th / sit-ups, managed it through his 5 days of birthday challenges.
Susan Puetz / Variety May 21st 2007 /  The  Spice of life!  Susan is doing ten different exercises for 100 days! From arm curls to sit-ups.
Rich Fettke/ Sit-ups , jumping Jacks August 1st 2005 / sit-ups first 100 DONE! 200 days done, doing all 100 in single set. ONE YEAR  DONE,- going for two!  Jumping jacks wantabe 46

John Smith / pushups&  all of it January 24th 2005 /this could be you! 43
Jacqueline Florine / sit-ups November 30th / started September 4th 2005, but had to restart twice.


Dan Herz / Sit-ups May 16th restart, first go was May 4th 2006  bouncing back from far too long of a chest cold.
Lance Armstrong / laps around a track june 1999 / doesn't he get bored with that flat stuff? 34
Jane Doe ( could be YOU) / your favorite exercise NOW / go girl go, you'll be fit and ready for whatever endeavor you choose best
"Without discipline there is no life at all" - Kathryn Hepburn. Key:  if there is gold/orange letters by the persons name they have completed or joined the 100 club for that exercise:  Sit-ups=SU, Push-ups=PSU, Pull-ups=PLU, Jumping Jacks=JJs, Burpees=BP, YOUR exercise of choice= XX. It's like having a PHD after your name!

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