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recognition- second to food and shelter, humans need to be recognized. Ask any success expert or psycho therapist. It may be simple, but just recognizing folks name on a list of "where they stand" goes along way to keeping folks motivated and feeling rewarded. Recognizing YOURSELF is often enough, we encourage logs and journals so you can monitor and recognize how YOU are doing.
inspiration - check out the incredible things people are doing, from Jane Smith down the block to Jack Lalane. When you see what is possible you are inspired to |get off the couch
community - let you know who else is out there, is fit and wants to encourage and play with you in fitness activities.
knowledge - provide resources to information that will make staying fit and improving fitness a walk in the park.
competition/comparison - It's the reason humans put out their best efforts. From childhood and from the competition arena it's acceptable to shine, to push hard and be YOUR best. Pat your rival on the back for an effort well done and then go improve their mark.

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